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What do you mean by DJ AND coordinator?



-It means that I will be with you throughout the entire planning process- from helping you put together a functional timeline months prior, to helping coordinate & make sure everything runs smoothly the night of. Oftentimes, it ends up being the job of the DJ to pull everything together alongside your caterer, photographer, guests, venue, and any other elements of the night. It's something that I love to do, and would like to think I'm very good at. I've also available to do either service seperately should you feel the need for extra hands.  




How much experience do you have? 


-Over 5+ years of dj/coordinator experience with fantastic like Toast & Jam, The Volcano Girls, and Chicago area venues. Other wedding industry experience includes catering, photography, and even officiating! I'm well versed in coordinating between other vendors to make sure your event stays on track, and everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there.  



What are your rates? 


-Rates vary per event, but I'm happy to send you a quote if you send me a message!  



Are you insured? 


-You betcha! Besides the usual car & rental insurance that covers my equipment, I also carry hefty liability coverage just in case. 



What kind of music do you play? 


-Whatever keeps the dance floor hopping, and you and your guests satisfied! (Which will not include the macararena, the electric slide, or silly novelty songs) We'll discuss your music tastes extensively to ensure that the style you're envisioning is respected, but also accommodate requests and make sure to keep a steady and cohesive flow from genre to genre. From Slayer to Britney, and Jackson 5 to The Talking Heads, you and your guests will dance their sweaty butts off! My personal tastes skew toward the older, but I've also got a secret love for the Beys and the TSwifts of the current charts. 



What do you wear? 


-A bikini top and Packers sweats tucked into my cowboy boots. Just kidding! I'll wear something wedding appropriate that your Mom will love, but your teenage cousins won't make fun of. 



Do you have any videos or sound clips of you deejaying? 


-Oh goodness, I should hope not. Every event is totally different, so, what worked for an Art Institute wedding I did last year probably won't work for the barn party I'm doing this summer. All events are completely customized to your tastes. 



What kind of equipment do you use? 


-I use a Pioneer/Serato DDJ-SX2 which means all my music is on my computer, but it's still manipulated through the mixer. I also bring a collection of other mp3 players, and battery powered speakers JUST IN CASE. The sweet sound of your dance floor & toasts are amplified through 2-3 JBL XLT 515 speakers, which I'm quite fond of. 



What happens if you can't make the event? 


-That's only going to happen if something seriously catastrophic happens to me- like, I'm eaten by tigers. I'm a proud member of the super secret society called the Chicago Independent DJ Collective, so if something happens, I'll call up one of my trusty comrades and they can save the day. In no way will your wedding be without music. 




A few other minor details: 


There's a few things I need from you, and they're super easy: 


*Parking: If there isn't one of those "parking lot" things available, I'll need parking provided.


*Set Up: I'll need a standard banquet table, preferably with a linen, that's near a power source and the dance floor. 


*Eats: Please feed me at some point! Thanks! 




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