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"If you judge a wedding’s success by the amount of people on the dance floor than you must hire Ms. Jennefa! Our wedding was super fun and everyone that bothered to report back said it was a fabulous time – and we have Jennefa to thank for that. She did an excellent job not only as a DJ but also as the MC. She kept people up and moving, regardless of their generation. Your day will go by so fast but you will remember the music if you select Jennefa to coordinate your party. And that Do Not Play list she’ll get from you – she means it and is very kind when telling people that no, she will *not* play the Chicken Dance (or whatever else you and your spouse do NOT want to hear). I can’t recommend Jennefa enough for your wedding – or other swanky party – needs. Hire her – you won’t regret it!!!!!"


Jodie & Jordan, 

Married Winter 2013

Photo by Colin Lyons 

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