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"You're going to choose Jennefa to DJ your wedding. Why you might ask? Because you don't want it to suck. You will be the envy of all those saps that have to get married after you. People will bring it up in conversation 10 years from now while waiting to pump gas into their flying cars. It will be described in one word: kick ass! word....kickass. Now, our wedding was the greatest party that has ever been unleashed on the history of mankind and yours just might, MIGHT live up to it but only if you go with Jennefa. We were a couple living in San Francisco and desperately planning the party of the GD century in 9 months across the planet in suburban Chicago. We were balls deep in logistics when in floats this angel like the rock of ages. She made the planning so stress free I want to bottle that feeling and sell it next to P.Diddy at Macy's. Liquid Love. We have, shall we say, 'eclectic' music tastes (she: music taste of a 40yo gay man & he: only true norwegian black metal). But through multiple skype dates involving moustaches, pizza, lots of puns and more moustaches, she guided us towards a magnificent setlist that was sure to burn some rugs. And boy howdy did it! You too can have conversations years later like us: "Remember when your Aunt was shouting "I ain't no Harlem black girl!" along with Gwen Stefani? Or when my cousin was grindin' up on your super ugly friend Stephanie!" So if you want to take a bottle of Pepcid AC everyday for your ever increasing ulcers and pull out more of your hair by dealing with infuriating flakes, then look elsewhere. But if you are ready to deal with someone who is always on time, brings to the table years of industry knowledge, plans every detail with total professionalism, and is able to give you a customized wedding experience that only a Disney princess is capable of dreaming, then make yours Jennefa."


-Bianca & Kevin Keenholts, married Fall 2011

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